VIDLEARN® Classroom Observation System

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Our courses are unique in providing a bespoke interactive platform that allows you to start to link the subject with pedagogy through our VCOS resources which are captured in the classroom and edited to give you examples of best practice.

VCOS resources are included with our Maths and Science courses, with other subjects coming soon.

Each lesson that we publish is captured using 4 high definition cameras installed unobtrusively in a classroom. All recordings are then professionally edited and linked to the appropriate SKE recording, so that you can watch lessons on the topic that you are studying.

With access to these recordings, you get to see and hear all the relevant action from lessons which enhances your teaching and learning.

Our teaching examples are chaptered for both pedagogy and subject knowledge. The pedagogical chapters are a set of descriptors that align directly with the Teachers’ Standards, and so provide an excellent experience before training begins.

Teaching examples have been made possible with the VIDLEARN Classroom Observation System (VCOS) that is installed in Sackville School in East Grinstead. Sackville is a very forward-thinking school, with an excellent track record in Science and Maths.

We publish new lessons from VCOS every week and keep the content up to date and relevant to the Teaching Standards and DfE specifications. This gives trainees access to a huge back catalogue of resources, which they have access to throughout their teacher training and NQT year.

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