Teacher Training Enhancement Programme

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The Teacher Training Enhancement Programme (TTEP) is a flexible online training solution that will enhance and support your ITT programme. TTEP can be integrated into your current training programme, allowing you to develop a blended-learning course and maximise your time with your trainees.

TTEP is split into three distinct sections: Professional Studies, Subject Studies and Teaching Examples.

Professional Studies resources are designed and delivered by our experienced ITT team, and focus on the key professional skills and pedagogy trainees need to be successful during their ITT year. You can use these resources to deliver a blended-learning course which the trainees can access at any point during their ITT and NQT years.

Subject Studies resources are specifically aimed at supporting trainees in the shortage subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English, MFL, Computer Science and Geography. These resources build on the topic and ideas from Professional Studies sessions and allow trainees to consider the Subject Pedagogical Knowledge specific to their specialism. These resources allow you to deliver a subject focused strand to your ITT programme in each subject for any size of cohort.

Teaching Examples help bridge the gap between the theory and practice. They consist of classroom examples delivered by practicing teachers, with a focus on the teaching of key and difficult concepts. VCOS resources come from our unique VIDLEARN Classroom Observation System (VCOS), where lessons are captured live in the classroom and edited to highlight examples of best practice. Using our unique learning platform, these resources can be searched for both subject-specific content and Qualified Teachers’ Standards using our matched descriptors.

Change the way you deliver ITT with TTEP.

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